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GENERAL SALES AND DELIVERY ----machine    translation---   dutch   version is  applicable at  all  times-----

These conditions shall apply to any sale of goods to the provision of services

For clients who are deemed by mere fact of the order resp. This contract

Conditions to be accepted.

Confirm client containing special conditions apply only if we have written


1. Offers and confirmation

All offers and quotations are free.

b.Orders accepted to consider only after our written confirmation and the confirmation that prices are binding on the uitvoering.behoudens the provisions in Article 9.

c. If the buyer within 8 days after day-drawing of our reclameert order, the buyer agree to be deemed complete.


a. Delivery times are only a best estimate and bind us.

Overrun will never be a claim for dissolution and / or benefits

b.When  we   have   to   supply  on   demand time calls are made, we have the right

The purchaser in writing to tell that this one term, as in the total amount will be called, which summons the buyer is required within 8 days to comply.

The purchaser after summation to as a time period may not exceed three months.

3.Delivery and Risk.

a.Goods are  never  insured-l expense and risk of buyer

Even if the delivery is made.

b.goods  are  delivered, once they leave our warehouses we have the buyer have notified that the delivery can take place.

c. When delivered to work we need the goods no further than to where the transport vehicle

A good site can be reached

d.Delivery always next vehicle or vessel while buyer required the goods there in receiving and assisting in lossen.Blijft buyer here also in the absence then the resulting cost

For his account.

e.loon work goods to our warehouses for processing there are more uninsured and on behalf

And the risk of the Client


4. Acceptance and Advertising.

a. Monitoring the quantity of the delivered rests with the buyer.

If not promptly after receipt of the delivered quantities gereclameerd, the

Notes, delivery notes and similar documents as determined by the buyer properly recognized.

b.Reklames on deliveries due as soon as possible, but must be submitted within eight days after receipt of goods from us are made, failing which the purchaser is deemed to have accepted the delivered, without prejudice to its right under the law in case of hidden defects .

c.Verwerkte goods shall be deemed approved.

d. Claims not give the buyer the right to payment on uncontested portion of the claim to suspend.

e.Aansprakelijkheid for gevolg-en/of loss is not accepted.


a.Unless expressed  otherwise expressly stipulated, the normal commercial quality delivered.

b. By listing and / or delivery according to sample, the sample only to determine the average --


c. Deviations in weight and / or dimensions we retain the same.

d. Delivery on choice of copper or board shall be limited if it is stipulated by the buyer and our


6. Returns.

Unless otherwise expressly stipulated, are delivered and accepted goods not returned.

7. Force Majeure.

Strike, lockout, fire, machinery breakdown, government action, war, riot, timely receipt of goods from our suppliers, as well as depreciation of the currency in which payment will take place, gives us the choice for either the extent not yet implemented, to cancel or the delivery (and) the circumstances to extend or payment in foreign currency demand by country of origin of goods to exchange rates at the time of the conclusion of the Agreement and all other events,

Which we have no influence.

8.Eigendomsvoorbehoud and security,

a.. We reserve the right to, for any delivery guarantees for the fulfillment of our alleged payment to be recovered.

When a client has defaulted, on the due date to pay or when

We believe he is unable to adequately its financial obligations to meet, we reserve the right to make any further deliveries immediately to cease and all outstanding orders to cancel without any compensation to be.

This regardless of our own rights to payment, damages or otherwise.

b.Het ownership of goods sold until full payment of the invoice to buyer.

Until the full purchase price (and costs) paid by the purchaser, the purchaser is deemed custodian of the receiving healing, and he is not authorized goods to third parties or pledge their ownership transferred.

9. Price adjustment

a.Wij have the right to adjust sales prices and increase, if after the date of closure of the order new taxes or fees, or wages or prices of raw materials are increased.

B. Unless the prices with additional costs have been taken into account such as rail freight,

Station Costs, ship cargo, truck costs enz.Zijn based on the closing of the order of our famous pricing.

Increase or newly imposed charges, duties, charges and taxes is borne by buyer.


a.Buyer  is Unless otherwise required to pay invoices within 30 days after the invoice date without deduction of any costs to comply.

b. The buyer is in default remedies by any of deadline and will from that moment our interest is one percent for each month or part thereof, and one percent for each additional month or part thereof

c.Onkosten return or exchange receipts, protests, court or other collection costs incurred late payment shall be borne by the buyer, including cost of legal assistance advice.

d. Payments to representatives, we can not recognize as valid and the buyer is therefore not discharged until payments are received by us.


11. special  terms.

For all of our sale and supply subject to sales and delivery, and special terms used in our customers confirm driven and general sale conditions to us only if we receive written confirmation.


a. The place of conclusion of the agreement between the parties Municipality Eindhoven.

b. Any disputes will first be decided by competent courts in the District


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